aboutus2Vita-Man has been a family-owned business since 1976. The owner, Janet, has been involved in nutrition since 1955 when people like her were labeled “health nuts”. Then through the nineteen sixties with the beginning of healthy foods for the time, came the idea of using such novel foods as whole wheat and eating steamed vegetables. Janet lived in Las Vegas, New Mexico in 1968 and was brave enough to shop in the oldest part of town to purchase whole grains, fresh baked whole wheat bread, organic foodstuffs, and herbs, plus homemade root beer without sugar from the “flower children” who had started their business there. Janet’s friends were mortified that she would feed her family that way. Also, Janet and Gary had a two-acre garden, an orchard, and Cliff raised chickens for organic eggs. In addition, Janet always believed in adding to her and her family’s diet with nutrition supplements to make sure that all the elements were guaranteed to be in the family’s diet and also, if anyone needed something extra such as Vitamin C for the sniffles, plus homeopathic and all the many things a growing family needs. Vita-Man was founded in 1976. We have always specialized in quality supplements from reputable and unique suppliers and manufacturers. A founding principle of our business is our service and attention to our customers. We specialize in the care of our customers and we now have some families that have been shopping with us for several generations and some customers that have been with us since our founding.