Personal Consultations by Appointment

We specialize in personal consultations. You can actually sit down with any staff member for an in-depth consultation of your needs. Plus, we do continuing consultations for people, if follow-ups are needed – all free of charge as part of our customer service. Sometimes, with some ailments, a change in treatment is needed along the way.


Free Information and Pamphlets

Free literature and brochures on products, conditions and companies are maintained in the store.Free Magazines


Community Services

Vita-Man and the Community

Vita-Man has always had the community of Las Cruces and the surrounding areas in mind when it comes to charitable donations.  For the 37 years in business Vita-Man could always be counted on to be available for help in any way possible. Discount Vitamins – EVERY PRODUCT, EVERY DAY: DISCOUNTED 10% OR MORE!

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Mail Order
You can mail order our products right to your home! See how you can start now!


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